How to play A Koopas Revenge Game

Use Left Arrow or Right Arrow key to walk. Click on Up Arrow to enter doors. Press Down arrow to go down the pipe. Use the Spacebar to Jump or flip your wings(you need the BLUE shell for that). Press Control key whan you want to run or breath fire(you need the RED shell for that).

Move your mouse cursor over the game map area, it will turn into koopa. choose the level by placing koopa's feet on the level you want, and click on it with your left mouse button.

It is possible to play just one stage in the beginning, however any time you finish a level you have not finalize before you are going to open the next stage. To be able to get back to the game map during a stage click Escape key. Exiting a level you have not finished costs 1-up life.

Around close to the core stage you will find a little flagpole and once you hit it the flag should rise. Once you have stroked the flagpole in case you die you will be getting resume from that flagpole. Right at the end of the stage is extreme flagpole. Hit it to accomplish the stage and also to open the next level. You can find more ways to conquer a stage which is able you to discover hidden levels.

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